Sunday, 28 August 2011

Philosopher is not a Job

The following was a series of texts sent one weekday afternoon:

Me: "So a friend of mine was telling me of their latest life crisis (I don't know why people continually ask my advice since they never take it) and I started thinking about problem solving. Specifically problem solving where the path forward is obvious, however rarely taken because it is emotionally difficult. Imagine how easy those problems would be to solve if we lived in a world without empathy, sympathy or pity. Stripped of these emotional bindings, a lot of interpersonal problems become issues of simple common sense. Although, a world like that would come with its own problems. I could envision that world as run by a form of social darwinism."
NM: "Um... Aren't you supposed to be working?"

Me: "I am... I'm just doing some really tedious paper-pushing right now, so my brain is elsewhere. That happens to me a lot with this job."

NM: "*chuckle* Paying opportunities for opinion forming world observer are scare I suppose."

Me: "Yeah, unfortunately for me philosopher hasn’t really been a viable job for a good few centuries. Unless one also happens to be a writer. Too bad I'm not one of those either."

NM: "Well there's always blogging."

Me: "Now there's an idea... At the very least it'll help me sort out this swirling mess of random thoughts circling through my head. Maybe..."

And now we find out what actually lives in my head.

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