Monday, 12 September 2011

In a Perfect World...

Let's imagine that the world is "perfect". Or in this case as perfect as possible.

No war, no hunger, no poverty, no disease. No major interpersonal problems either. Basically for this thought experiment people's lives are generally easy and contented. Kind of like a 50s sitcom, but less cheesy. There is still freedom of thought, expression and pleasure.

In a world devoid of major problems, would the minor problems instead take on the magnitude the serious problems once held? Could a burnt slice of toast cause open bile spewing rage?  A torn shirt cause a spiral into inescapable depression? Paralyzing anxiety caused by the inability to choose desserts?

Are we capable of seeing ourselves in the larger perspective of what constitutes "real problems"? If there is such a thing... Would we be okay at first, only to take it all for granted and turn the minor problems into major problems, or would we be able to live contentedly within such a world?

What I'm asking is... does our world make us unhappy? Or do we make ourselves unhappy in our world?

1 comment:

  1. It is all relative.

    For those who have suffered true hardship, first world problems are a welcome change of pace. For those who have not, first world problems are abysmal curses from hell itself.

    When our nightmares threatening to become realities are our only fear, life will take on the sweetest scent we have ever known.